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Deep Tissue Massage, Orange Park, FLDeep Tissue Massage – as the name suggests, is a more focused massage aimed to relieve chronic muscle tension in the body by slower deeper and more direct touch. Tension is often the cause of pain and can lead to other more serious problems like muscle spasms, buildup of scar tissue or trigger points in your muscles. Deep tissue massage will help break up and eliminate this scar tissue. During a session slow deep stokes and finger pressure is some of the massage techniques used. Clients may feel some discomfort during and after the session, but with continuous treatments, not only will you begin to feel better physically but also mentally.

Swedish massage
is a relaxation massage, the perfect choice for clients suffering from aching sore muscles do to everyday stress. Swedish Massage Orange Park FLDuring a Swedish massage the therapist will use slow light to medium strokes and pressure to stretch and elongate the muscles, along with other massage techniques to relax the client. Swedish massage is highly recommended for relaxation for stress relieve, clients recovering from injuries or surgeries and as a monthly maintenance program to ensure well- being.


Foot Reflexology Massage Orangel Park FLFoot Reflexology – If you are looking to relax and unwind without having to receive a full body massage, reflexology is a great choice. Reflexology is the application of applying pressure to specific points on the foot. These acupressure points correspond to specific organs and systems of the body, and pressing on these points has beneficial effects on the body. During the session the feet is the only part of the body massaged, after a reflexology massage you will leave feeling rejuvenated.


Pregnancy Massage Orange Park FLPregnancy, prenatal and postpartum massage – For all expecting mothers, now is the time to begin taking care of your body physically and mentally. Prenatal massage is a wonderful relaxing full body massage for women and baby in their second or third trimester. Prenatal massage techniques are used to provide nurturing touch, relaxation, and to relieve specific discomforts the mother-to-be may be experiencing doing pregnancy. We look forward to ensuring you have a wonderful experience and leave feeling reinvigorated.


Hot Stone Massage Orabge Park FLHot Stone massage – To optimize your massage experience indulge in a Hot Stone massage. There’s absolutely no question about it-a hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing, indulgent, and satisfying body treatment available. Hot stones are not only used for relaxation but can also be used during a Deep tissue massage to relax the muscles making it more pliable and less painful doing a deep tissue massage. During a hot stone session heated stones can either be placed on the client’s body, or utilized with different massage techniques. The heated stones promote deep relaxation at the same time the heat from the stones penetrates the muscles relieving sore and aching muscles.



Couples Massage Orange Park FLCouples massage – Couples massage is one of our hottest services at Orange Blossom Massage. Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. It can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, or even moms and daughters sometimes or best friends. Customize your session with any massage modality.



Seated Chair Massage Orangle Park FLChair massage – A chair massage is a quick and effective way to massage clients who are on the go or who has difficulties lying down. This massage is done with the client fully clothed sitting on an ergonomic massage chair. Chair massage focuses on upper extremities and can be very relaxing and stimulating to relieve stress. Book today with Orange Blossom Massage a chair massage session for your company employees to promote wellbeing and company moral.


Customized Massage Orange Park FLCustomized massage – Every B O D Y is different, some like Swedish and some like Deep, let us customize your massage with a very Light, Firm, Semi-Firm massage. Let us customize your massage to your needs. Depending on needs prices may vary. Please call us to discuss.


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